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Death at a Funeral

Last rites... and wrongs.

When one of the slamming doors is a coffin lid, you know you're in a proper farce. DEATH AT A FUNERAL features a naked jumper, an incontinent gramps and a grifter dwarf, mixed in with a generous assortment of classic English types who supply delightfully absurd subplots involving hallucinogens, unrequited lust and sibling rivalries. All this daft business roughly unfolds in uproarious real time, a crisp and clever hour and a half that, like the best screwball comedies, barely pauses for laughs. Muppeteer Frank Oz, who put his stamp on popular culture with Miss Piggy, Yoda and the Cookie Monster before he became a director (The Dark Crystal, Little Shop of Horrors, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels), was an inspired choice to helm Funeral. Born in Great Britain, he has the droll gene, necessary for a movie with throwaway lines like "I like to put pens up my bum," and a vaudeville sensibility well-honed during his years with Jim Henson. Screenwriter Dean Craig, scripting his first major feature, handles his eccentric characters and complicated scenario as though he had been writing for Ealing Studios for a half-century. And the cast... there's nothing like a comic English ensemble when it comes to inspired silliness.

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Directed by: 
Frank Oz
Running Time: 
Andy Nyman, Ewen Bremner, Alan Tudyk, Peter Dinklage
Screenplay by: 
Dean Craig

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