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Healthy Picks

Ancient Grain Corn (200g)

A beautiful layered pack of all our famous Ancient Grain Corn


This popping corn is rich in taste, pops up large and fluffy. Also tested and proven to contain anti-oxidants.


Enjoy the chewy, creamy texture of this butterfly variety. More of a fragmented hull. Very pleasing to the palate.


Pops up very white with a red centre. Has a very crispy texture and a delicious flavour.


Very white colour. Rice variety type of popping corn. Has a mild flavour, very crisp and even texture. A true hull-less variety. Slightly smaller pop.


Sweet flavor, very tender eating and pops more yellow in colour. Good size pop. Very pleasing to the palate. Also, tested and proven to contain anti-oxidants.


Comes in any of the Ancient Grain selections. Pop the cob into the supplied bag & pop it into the microwave. It will pop right off the cob!



100% Real Ingredients- All Gluten Free

Numi Organic Teas - pick a selection from a wide choice of Herbal and Speciaity Teas

Black Teas: Aged Earl Grey, Breakfast Blend, Golden Chai

Green Tea: Decaf Ginger Lemon, Gunpowder Green, Jasmine Green, Mate Lemon & Toasted Rice

Herbal Tea: Chamomile Lemon, Dry Desert Lime, Green Rooibos, Honeybush, Moroccan Mint, Rooibos, Rooibos Chai

Cinema Favourites

Smoothies - Mint Flavoured

Chocolate Kettle Corn

Kettle Corn

Regular Corn - with a shake pack of your favourite flavouring!

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