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My Tehran For Sale

A generation searching for freedom...

Marzieh is a young female actress living in Tehran. The authorities ban her theatre work and, like all young people in Iran, she is forced to lead a secret life in order to express herself artistically. At an underground rave, she meets Iranian born Saman, now an Australian citizen, who offers her a way out of her country and the possibility of living without fear. Shot entirely on location in Tehran, MY TEHRAN FOR SALE tells the story of modern day Iranian youth struggling for cultural freedom. It brings to the screen never before seen images of modern urban Iran, and reveals how young Iranian people live behind closed doors. MY TEHRAN FOR SALE is the first Iranian/Australian feature film collaboration and is the directorial debut of contemporary poet Granaz Moussavi. Cyan Films

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Directed by: 
Granaz Moussavi
Running Time: 
Persian and English (English subtitles)
Marzieh Vafamehr, Amir Chegini, Asha Mehrabi, Mitra Mehraban, Mobina Karimi, Sandy Cameron
Screenplay by: 
Granaz Moussavi

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