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Killers have never been this close-knit.

Hugely enjoyable, almost painfully funny British comedy-horror that strikes the perfect balance between laugh-out-loud humour and brief bursts of gore. Alice Lowe stars as downtrodden Tina, who’s about to embark on a caravanning holiday in the Midlands with her new boyfriend Chris (Steve Oram), despite the vociferous protests of her disapproving mother Carol (Eileen Davies). However, after Steve runs down an annoying fellow traveller, Tina’s dream holiday takes a decidedly murderous turn. Lowe and Oram are hilarious as Tina and Chris and their use of Birmingham accents is an inspired touch of genius, helping to both ground the mundaneness of the story, while making every line that much more deadpan. Similarly, the script crackles with quotable, very funny dialogue; it’s the sort of film where you feel the lines will deservedly seep into popular culture, like with Withnail & I or This Is Spinal Tap. Wheatley’s direction is assured throughout; as with Kill List, he is careful to show the messy real-life effects of violence, rather than glamorising it. To this end, he is aided by some impressive special effects work and his own skilful editing, alongside co-editors Amy Jump and Robin Hill. Somewhat perversely, despite the comedy value of including real-life attractions, the film actually serves as a surprisingly effective tourism incentive (watch the attendances to the Crich Tramway Village and Keswick Pencil Museum soar as a result), with Laurie Rose’s cinematography showcasing some genuinely beautiful scenery. There’s also an inspired soundtrack (notably the use of ‘Season Of The Witch’) and a suitably atmospheric score by Jim Williams. Unmissable. – Matthew Turner, ViewLondon

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Directed by: 
Ben Wheatley
Running Time: 
Alice Lowe, Steve Oram, Eileen Davies
Screenplay by: 
Alice Lowe, Steve Oram, Amy Jump

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