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Thomas & Friends: Hero of the Rails

In The Biggest Thomas Event Of The Year, See And Hear Thomas Like Never Before In An All-New Movie!
Children - $5.00, Adults Free - Sat. Aug. 29 ONLY! - 10:30am

Hear Thomas Speak in His Own Voice for the Very First Time! See Thomas & Friends™ like never before in this action-packed movie. Follow Thomas as he discovers Hiro, an abandoned engine from a faraway land. Fearing that Hiro will be scrapped, Thomas enlists the help of many friends, but mishaps, mistakes and one boastful engine could foil their rescue plans. Watch and find out if they can work together to help their new friend in the most heroic movie of the year! Welcome to 'Toons For Toddlers (TFT) We’re thrilled to be able to offer this wonderful program to families across Canada. Thanks to your requests and our own challenging experiences with theatre offerings for toddlers, this program was conceived. ‘Toons for Toddlers is a brand new concept in family entertainment. It enables families with toddlers and young children (ages 2-5) the opportunity to enjoy great entertainment in a toddler-friendly environment. What does toddler-friendly mean? Many parents (including the creators of TFT) have wanted to take their youngsters to enjoy a movie on the big screen with popcorn and big seats. However, many of us have found that the movies are too long, too loud, too dark and too scary for little ones. TFT has created a program that brings some of the best children’s entertainment on to the big screen for your toddlers’ delight. The entire screening length is just under 60 minutes. We reduce the theatre sound significantly so that it’s loud enough to enjoy but not too loud to be scary. Most importantly, we leave the lights on dim enough for parents and little ones to find their way out of their seats for washroom breaks if necessary.

No screenings currently scheduled.

Directed by: 
Greg Tiernan
Running Time: 
William Hope, Kerry Shale, Martin Sherman
Screenplay by: 
William Hope, Kerry Shale, Martin Sherman

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