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In the Mood for Something New? Come and See One of Our Two New Films!

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The Mustang

Rated: 14A

Language: English

Giant Little Ones

Rated: 14A

Languages: English

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The story of Roman Coleman, a violent convict, who is given the chance to participate in a rehabilitation therapy program involving the training of wild mustangs.

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Two popular teen boys, best friends since childhood, discover their lives, families, and girlfriends dramatically upended after an unexpected incident occurs on the night of a 17th birthday party.

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Four young Jews survive the Third Reich in the middle of Berlin by living so recklessly that they become “invisible.”

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Three actresses at different stages of their career. One from before the 1979 Islamic Revolution, one popular star of today known throughout the country and a young girl longing to attend a drama conservatory.

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Join us Friday, Apr. 26th for a 20th Anniversary Retro-mania double feature of Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski's THE MATRIX (1999) and THE MATRIX RELOADED (2003), both presented in 35mm film and DTS digital surround sound.

No screenings currently scheduled.

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