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Crimes of the Future

From the mind of David Cronenberg

As the human species adapts to a synthetic environment, the body undergoes new transformations and mutations. With his partner Caprice (Léa Seydoux), Saul Tenser (Viggo Mortensen), celebrity performance artist, publicly showcases the metamorphosis of his organs in avant-garde performances. Timlin (Kristen Stewart), an investigator from the National Organ Registry, obsessively tracks their movements, which is when a mysterious group is revealed... Their mission -- to use Saul's notoriety to shed light on the next phase of human evolution.

Crimes of the Future - FILM REVIEW

Manohla Dargis, the New York Times

From left, Léa Seydoux, Viggo Mortensen and Kristen Stewart in “Crimes of the Future.”Credit...Nikos Nikolopoulos/Neon

"In its themes, body work and convulsions of violence, “Crimes of the Future” evokes some of Cronenberg’s other films, notably “Videodrome,” a shocker about (among other things) a man who loses his mind. This new movie feels more melancholic than many of the earlier ones, though perhaps I’m the one who’s changed. Once again, people are evolving and devolving, mutating into something familiar yet also something different and terrifying. Yet despite the morbid laughs and the beatific smile that can light up Saul’s face like that of St. Teresa of Ávila, “Crimes of the Future” feels like a requiem. Cronenberg has always been a diagnostician of the human condition; here, he also feels a lot like a mortician." For the full review please CLICK HERE.

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Directed by: 
David Cronenberg
Running Time: 
Canada, Greece, France
Kristen Stewart, Lea Seydoux, Viggo Mortensen
Screenplay by: 
David Cronenberg

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