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Girls of the Sun

Bahar, the commanding officer of the Daughters of the Sun, a battalion made up entirely of Kurdish female soldiers, is on the cusp of liberating their town, which has been overrun by ISIS extremists.

"Hugely accomplished and highly entertaining cinema. [Husson] tells the tale of an all-female unit of anti-Isis fighters via the language of Hollywood blockbusters." - Kevin Maher, Times (UK)

"Girls of the Sun has an air of authenticity and grit that's convincing, and Farahani, an Iranian-born actress, makes us care." - G. Allen Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle

"[I]t remains a powerful story with a rousing finale, thanks in no small part to Morgan Kibby's score, and the gorgeous, sunlight-in-dust cinematography." - Chris Knight, National Post

Directed by: 
Eva Husson
Running Time: 
France, Belgium, Georgia, Switzerland
French, Kurdish, English, Arabic
Golshifteh Farahani, Emmanuelle Bercot, Zübeyde Bulut
Screenplay by: 
Jacques Akchoti, Eva Husson

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