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The Boys & Girl from County Clare

“The Boys & Girl From County Clare is an irresistible Irish comedy, lovingly told, beautifully acted and graced with the perfect balance of chuckles and bittersweet heartache. Set in 1966, the story pits rival brothers who fancy themselves expert traditional musicians and who both lead bands vying in Ireland’s biggest annual competition. They haven’t spoken or seen each other in years. The eldest, John Joe (Bernard Hill), stayed on the family farm while Jimmy (Colm Meaney) moved to Liverpool years ago and became a successful businessman.“Moreover, there’s a funny/sad soap opera underlying the competition. The real rivalry between the brothers isn’t musical but romantic. Both vied for the same girl (Charlotte Bradley). After he won and impregnated her, Jimmy abandoned her, so that John Joe, the loser, wound up helping her raise Jimmy’s daughter.“That daughter, Anne (Andrea Corr, a lead singer-fiddler with the actual Irish band The Corrs), is now grown and old enough for romantic yearnings of her own. And where does she find them? In Jimmy’s rival band, of course, falling for the boyishly handsome Teddy (Shaun Evans)…“Director John Irvin manages a kind of surface ease to the storytelling and sentiment, which shrewdly underscores the mix of love and conflict innate in every family. And what an ensemble cast: Colm Meaney, the more familiar among them, is exquisitely crusty and strong-willed, to be sure, but Hill, Corr, Evans and Bradley are superb as well.� – Sid Smith, Chicago Tribune
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Directed by: 
John Irvin
Running Time: 
Colm Meaney, Bernard Hill, Andrea Corr, Shaun Evens, Patrick Bergin, Charlotte Bradley
Screenplay by: 
Nicholas Adams

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