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The safety of our staff and guests is our number one priority. 

handsgraphic.pngMaking Sure We Stay Sanitized 

★ Staff will be wearing CDC approved masks and gloves and washing hands frequently.

★ All concessions will be prepared in sanitized environment with staff wearing masks & gloves.

★ High contact areas (doors, handles, debit machines, arm rests, etc.) will be frequently santitized.

★ Bathrooms will be cleaned regularily.

★ Sanitizer (touch free) is available at all entrances and exits and the LMH Unit advises to sanitize your hands on entering and exiting the building


DRIVE-In Social Distancing/Masks

★ Keeping the 6ft rule - we will add markings where appropriate

★ All cars will be parked 6' apart

★ Remain in your car except to go to the washroom

★ Masks are required if you leave your car

★ We ask any guests that are showing signs of illness stay home.


Monitoring Staff
★ We will monitor staff temperature

★ Staff will be given a quick COVID test every 3 days


distancegraphic.pngChange In Capacity (outdoor capacity is cars 6' apart, must stay in car)

★ Capacity limitations will of 3 people per washroom to ensure physical distancing.

★ Some sinks and stalls will be taped off to ensure physical distancing



★All Drive-In tickets must be purchased online

★ All concessions must be purchased online at 


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