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The Abyss


Action is launched when a navy nuclear sub suffers a mysterious power failure and crashes into a rock wall. Bud Brigman (Ed Harris) and his motley crew of undersea oil-rig workers are hired to dive for survivors. At the last minute Brigman's flinty estranged wife, Lindsey (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio), who designed their submersible oil rig, insists on coming aboard to lend an uninvited hand. The crew finds nothing but a lot of corpses floating eerily in the water-filled sub, but meanwhile, Lindsey has a close encounter with a kind of swift-moving neon-lit jellyfish she's convinced is a friendly alien. When turbulence from a hurricane rocking the surface cuts off the crew's ties to their command ship, their underwater stay is perilously extended. The Abyss has plenty of elements in its favor, not least the performances by Harris as the compassionate crewleader and Mastrantonio as his steel-willed counterpart. Not even the $50 million-plus pic's elaborate technical achievements can overshadow these two. Courtesy: Variety Staff
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Directed by: 
James Cameron
Running Time: 
Ed Harris, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Michael Biehn
Screenplay by: 
James Cameron

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