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Announcing Drive-In Jaws Fest 2020! Plus Canadian Bacon Show Added! Plus Announcing Drive-In Jaws Fest 2020!


Drive-in Jaws Fest - 45th Anniversary!

Friday, July 3rd or Saturday July 4th,

Show Starts at 9:15pm


When an insatiable great white shark terrorizes the townspeople of Amity Island, the police chief, an oceanographer and a grizzled shark hunter seek to destroy the blood-thirsty beast.

"Spielberg had paced the film beautifully so that one is always on edge, tensed for those scary moments that turn out to be false alarms, and left somehow totally unprepared for the real shocks." - New York Daily News

"When it comes to this kind of thriller, no movie has been able to top Jaws, although many have tried. And, as the years go by, it seems increasingly unlikely that anything will come close." - RealViews

"Spielberg may be the man who created the new Hollywood, but in his first megahit he summed up what was best in the old -- the humor, the perversity, and the storytelling integrity of Alfred Hitchcock." - New Yorker



July 2nd Show NOW ADDED! Buy Tickets HERE!

See John Candy in his last complete screen performance!


Canadian Bacon (1995) - In Michael Moore's political satire, the U.S. president (Alan Alda) decides to wage a cold war against Canada in an attempt to reverse his slipping popularity, and, as a result, he drives a small group of incensed Canadians to take matters into their own hands. Alda is the first president in years not to lead his country into war, which naturally means that his approval rating is dangerously low. The sure-fire way to boost his popularity is to start a war and demonstrate American superiority. Unfortunately, as his advisors point out, the U.S. has run out of enemies. That is, until Alda's National Security Advisor Stuart Smiley (Kevin Pollak) happens to catch a segment on the news about a brawl at a Canadian hockey game that began when local American sheriff Bud Boomer (John Candy) made a remark about Canadian beer. This incident gives Smiley the notion to make the public believe that Canada is their new enemy. Determined to demonstrate the mighty power of America to the Canadians, Boomer gets a group of equally angry fellow Americans together to cross the border and perform the most serious of all Canadian crimes -- littering. However, the invasion is foiled and Boomer's numerous blunders threaten to turn a fabricated war into a real one. Written, directed, and produced by Michael Moore, Canadian Bacon takes lighthearted jabs at the differences between the U.S. and Canada, while also satirizing America's obsession with its military strength. The film features John Candy in his last complete screen performance.


How It Will Work

- We only have spots for 30 cars.

Each Car is $40. This Includes:

  • One designated spot - the screen is best viewed from the front seat so we recommend only two people, but it is your choice of occupancy (must be from the same household).
  • $14 towards merchandise or concessions to be dropped off at your car the night of the event.

To reserve your spot Click your desired show below



  • You will be asked the size of your vehicle for us to designate it an appropriate spot.
  • Once we receive your payment, we will send you a confirmation email and a list of our available merchandise and concessions for you to order.

The Night Of:

  • Gates will open at 8:15pm. The show will begin at 9:15pm. Please be on time as there will be no entry after the film has started.
  • Please enter our lot through the Dutchess Ave. enterance.
  • A staff member will inform you of your assigned spot.
  • Turn your radio dial to 106.1FM.
  • Hold tight and we will be right out with your concessions and merchandise.
  • Enjoy the show!

Ontario Guidelines:

- You must remain in your motor vehicle designed to be closed to the elements (no open top vehicles like convertibles or Jeeps) except:

  • Where necessary to use a washroom.
  • As may otherwise be required for purposes of health and safety.

- Only members of the same household may occupy the same motor vehicle.

- Vehicles must be separated by a minimum of two metres.

Health and Safety:

- Please remain in your vehicle at all times.

- If you must leave your vehicle:

  • Wear a mask.
  • Practice social distancing and try to maintain a distance of 2 metres (6 feet) from those around you.

- If you need to use the washroom:

  • Enter through the door at the South end of the building.
  • Only three people are allowed in the washroom at a time.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Sanitizer is available at the exit of the cinema.

What We Are Doing:

- All concessions will be made wearing gloves, masks, and face shields.

- All concessions will be delivered wearing gloves, masks, and face shields.

- All common touch surfaces will be sanitized regularly.

- All areas of the cinema will be cleaned as per regulation

- Washrooms will be cleaned & disinfected frequently

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